Loop Art Critique hosts art critiques and experimental exhibitions. Join a critique group through an Open Call or check out the exhibitions below.

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Artists Opportunities

Current Exhibitions

The Critique Club is a private community, exclusive to artists who have been accepted. As a member, it is necessary to join our Discord channel to participate in private discussions. Discord channels are exclusive to each artist group.

Loop Art Critique Explanation

Loop Art Critique (LAC) is a program that offers a residency and public showcase for artists. Applicants respond to an Open Call and are selected by guest Jurors without revealing their identities, as no names, biographical information or artist statements are required—only the artwork is reviewed. Because LAC operates within a virtual space, most artwork submissions are digital. However, physical artworks can be submitted with the understanding that they will be viewed as digital representations.

The program is divided into two phases

In the first phase, participants engage in a six-week residency featuring live critiques held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 3 pm EST. During this time, they are immersed in a collaborative learning environment within a spatial internet environment aka a metaverse.

The program is divided into two phases

The second phase involves participants curating a public showcase of their work, culminating in an online reception, typically scheduled for a Friday from 1 to 3 pm EST. This event is documented and shared on Loop's YouTube and Twitch channels. The exhibition is for month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Savvy?

While familiarity with virtual environments can be beneficial, it is not mandatory for participation. The LAC platform is user-friendly, emphasizing the uploading and placement of artwork. Support is available through a two-hour orientation, with additional assistance for those requiring it. Participants have two options, building with a simple upload interface or using an online platform to build their projects from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artwork Criteria?

LAC is open to various digital art forms, such as images (JPEGs, PNGs, PDFs), animations (GIFs, MOV, MP4s), 3d files (GLBS and GLTF) and audio (WAV, MP3), as well as VR performance art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Profit Status?

Loop is a non-commercial venture initiated by Ariel Baron-Robbins, sustained through personal funding and a partnership with The MUD Foundation's exhibition WASD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residency Duration?

The standard residency spans six weeks, with live critiques twice weekly for three hours each session. The program accepts international participants and features a one-month public exhibition.

Frequently Asked Questions


Loop is hosted on Onland, a spatial internet environment created by the non-profit The MUD Foundation, focusing on Art & Technology. It does not have corporate affiliations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational Aspect?

LAC is not formally educational but includes moderated critiques, offering artists valuable feedback from their peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artwork Ownership?

While LAC is featured in The MUD Foundation's MUD 3.0 WASD exhibition, individual artists' works are credited and linked to their online portfolios, maintaining their autonomy within the project.