Loop Art Critique hosts art critiques and experimental exhibitions. Join a critique group through an Open Call or check out the laboratories below.

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Current Exhibitions

The Critique Club is a private community, exclusive to artists who have been accepted. As a member, it is necessary to join our Discord channel to participate in private discussions. Discord channels are exclusive to each artist group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which metaverse is Loop built on? Is it affiliated with a corporation?

Loop is built on the metaverse Onland which was developed by The MUD Foundation, a 5o13c non-profit organization focused on Art & Technology. It is not affiliated with

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loop a profit-making business?

Loop is an artist project begun by Ariel Baron-Robbins. It does not make a profit and is funded by Ariel in collaboration with The MUD Foundation’s exhibition WASD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the residency program at Loop?

The standard residency is 1 month. After the group is selected, they will vote if they want to meet 2 or 3 times were week. Live critiques are 2 hours long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LAC an educational program?

No, there is a moderator during critiques who gives their feedback along with the rest of the group. Critiques are a fundamental way for artists to receive feedback from a selected group of qualified peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the exhibition open?

The exhibitions in The Salon and The Salon des Refuses are open for 1 month after the residency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who curates each residency’s exhibition?

The artists work as a group to curate the exhibition in The Salon. The Salon des Refuses is uncurated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be “good” at technology?

A general understanding of moving around in a virtual reality space or a video game is useful but not required. LAC is very simple and requires uploading artwork and positioning it. There is a 2-hour orientation and individual help can be given to artists in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of artwork does LAC accept?

All forms of digital art including but not limited to: still images like: jpegs, pngs, pdfs, moving images like: gifs, mov, mp4s, audio like: wav and mp3 and VR performance art

Frequently Asked Questions

If LAC is an art project, then is my art considered part of Ariel Baron-Robbin's artwork?

Yes and no. LAC is presented, until August 2023, inside of an exhibition at The MUD Foundation as part of its MUD 3.0 WASD exhibition. When visitors enter the exhibition, they see two screens, one that shows The Salon and one that shows The Salon des Refuses. It is labeled as Ariel Baron-Robbin's project in the show. Individual artist’s work in the Salons is labeled with each artist's name and a link to their artwork online. So, they are considered participants inside of the work, but their work is not part of the overall piece.